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Sneakerheads Unite: Girls Love Shoes and Rings… but we’re talking NBA Championships, and the Jordan 6 Rings


It’s playoff time in the NBA, and as basketball fans everywhere watch anxiously to see if their favorite player will get their ring, I’m thinking about a few rings, in particular.

Something that has always fascinated me about basketball is the choice of footwear worn by all of the players, as well as the major shoe endorsements that come out of their careers. Don’t scoff, or make a joke about me being a girl, and clearly being obsessed with shoes; I’m about to educate you about a significant pair of shoes, and how they relate to 6 playoff rings.

If you’re a sneakerhead or a Michael Jordan fan, I’m sure you’re smiling, and nodding along, thinking “I know where Joscelyn is going with this”; If you’re not, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite pairs of red-soled shoes, and I’m not talking about Louboutins!

Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the Jordan 6 Rings

Making the top 10 list of NBA players with the most championship wins, Michael Jordan (who played 15 seasons with the NBA, as well as on two Olympic gold medal-winning American basketball teams) has 6 championship rings under his belt with the Chicago Bulls. Ball players look up to Jordan and want to be “Like Mike”, for his phenomenal skill, sportsmanship, humanitarianism, and awesome friendship with Bugs Bunny… and his shoes.

With a lucrative deal with Nike, we’ve seen a number of shoes released as a part of the “Air Jordan” franchise, as well as other Jordan-related footwear, such as the Flights, Spizikes and Trunners.

Each year, sneakerheads, basketball fans, rappers, and now apparently Miley Cyrus (see: 23), are sent into a frenzy with the release of new Air Jordans (commonly referred to as “J’s”), which were made significant with their release in 1985, after Michael’s rookie year.

The Jordan 6 Rings were released in 2008, commemorating Jordan’s six championship seasons. The shoe itself, was beautifully constructed combining pieces from each of the seven Air Jordan shoes that Jordan wore during playoff games with the Chicago Bulls, as he attained his -that’s right- six rings.

The 6 Ring is a hybrid shoe comprised of:

  • Toe-Box from the 14s
  • Outsole and Bottom (treads) from the 13s
  • Tongue 23 Pattern and Upper Lace Eyelets from the 12s
  • Lace Uppers from the 11s
  • Tongue Emblem and Side Lock/Band from the 8s
  • Side Vent Pattern and Liner from the 7s
  • Back Tab and Lace Adjustment from the 6s

While the original, and most popular 6 Rings are Black, Red and White (the colors of the Chicago Bulls, Jordan’s championship team), Nike has released a number of additional colorways in the 6 rings. Some of the more significant options represent the colors of each team that were dominated during Jordan’s 6 playoffs against the Bulls.

The Jordan 6 Rings are truly championship sneakers.