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SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY: Casper Wells, Outfielder For The Philadelphia Phillies


More than just a stellar Major League Baseball player, Casper Wells V (yes, the fifth) is a motivated lover of life. Wells, six-foot-two, center fielder, has dedicated his life to the game he loves and maintains a fantastic attitude about what’s to come.

Beginning with the Detroit Tigers in 2010, Wells has worn a few jerseys over the years, including the Seattle Mariners, the Chicago White Sox, and now the Phillies. 

Wells may be driven, but don’t let him fool you into thinking he’s all work and not play (just check out some of his humor photos below). With a terrific sense of humor and a face/name made for television, this surely will not be the last you hear of Casper Wells.



1. What sports did you play growing up and why did you choose baseball?

I played a bunch of different sports growing up from golf to football but stuck with playing strictly baseball after my sophomore year of high school. I played in the fall, spring, and summer so I stayed with just the one sport and tried to put my full attention on baseball.

2. What baseball player did you look up to growing up?

My favorite player was Ken Griffey Jr. growing up. I loved how much he enjoyed the game and would smile and act as a kid out there. That’s probably where his nickname “the kid” came from.

3. If your teammates described you in 3 words what would they be?

Funny, humble, warrior

4. Do you have any crazy pre-game ritual?

Haha nothing crazy. Sometimes I like to take a nap to rest my eyes, mind, and spirit before a game listening to John Mayer (He has a great nap voice).

image (5)

5. If you were not a professional athlete, what would you want to be doing?

Something involving television or film. That’s what I went to school for and people have always told me I belong on TV especially with a name like Casper Wells.

6. Who are your favorite athletes and sports teams to watch?

Favorite team is the NY Giants and I look forward to watching all of their games. I enjoy watching athletes overcoming adversity and just watching athletes who work hard to get where they are. Nobody roots for Goliath, everyone roots for David.

7. What is your favorite twitter account to follow – sports or non-sports related?

@LV_Sports – they post motivational quotes for athletes and it’s full of inspirational quotes.

8. You’re not the first Casper Wells in your family, so we hear. Who else carries the name?

I am Casper Wells V. So, my great great grandfather started the Casper Wells dynasty. So save the friendly ghost jokes haha.

9. What is the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard/witnessed?

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice.

10. What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?

Stay the course and everything happens for a reason so stay positive for the next great moment is now.

11. If you could go back and attend any sporting event game ever, which would it be and why?

The Super Bowl in Arizona where the Giants beat the Patriots. It was crazy watching it on TV and I’m sure even crazier live.

12. What has been your proudest accomplishment?

Making it to the big leagues with the Detroit Tigers in 2010.

13. If you had a chance to go to dinner with anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?

Julianne Hough because I think she’s very beautiful and would be great company for a nice dinner.

14. What songs get the most play on your iPod?

It’s usually a mixture of songs that are hot right now. Favorite song at the moment is Things Can Only Get Better by Cedric Gervais and Howard Jones.

image (6)15. For all our female readers, are you single or taken?


16. What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?

Their smile.


17. If we looked in your fridge right now, what would we find?

Fruits and veggies, some coconut water, regular water, almond milk, chicken, hummus, pretty bare fridge. I’m not a big cook at home guy. I don’t have anyone to cook for and I’m not a big fan of cooking for myself.

18. Do you have a quote or motto you live by?

You Only Live Once. It’s been my slogan my whole life and got a tattoo of it on my left arm in 2009 when I was added to the Detroit Tigers 40 Man Roster. I guess Drake likes my motto as well haha.

19. What do you want to be remembered for?

Being a great man who impacted people’s lives in a positive way.

20. Who would you like to see featured as SBOTD?

Oh for sure David Beckham he is such a babe.