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SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY: Kris Versteeg, Right Winger for the Florida Panthers

Posted May 31, 2013 by Tia Preece in BDB

Sports Babe of the Day Presents: Kris Versteeg, Right Winger for the Florida Panthers

Kris Versteeg, 27-year-old right winger, for the Florida Panthers, provides more laughs in this interview than we could begin to count. Versteeg may be known for his ice play, but his off the ice personality is all a part of his charm and it just might have something to do with his love for Lucky Charms. After helping the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in 2010, Versteeg has since been traded to the Panthers and is currently recovering from an injury. However, he is putting his off time to could use by helping out the Panthers sell season tickets, be sure to scroll down to the end of this interview to check it out!


 1. How did you get into playing hockey?

My grandpa and dad brought me skating at 2-years-old and when they turned their backs for a second they looked back and there I was beating the s@&$ out of another 2-year-old in the corner of the ice. Right then and there they knew I was going to be a hockey player.

 2. Who inspires you to keep playing? 

My family inspires me daily to keep playing.

KRIS VERSTEEG 3. If you weren’t playing hockey for a living, what would you be doing?

I thought in my younger years I was going to be a fire fighter if I didn’t play hockey, but I most likely would be in tractor sales with my old man.

4.What do you consider your biggest strength on the ice?

My tenacity.

 5. You did a hilarious video for the Panthers selling season tickets, in it you talk about being the GM, what is one thing you would do if you actually got the chance? 

Win a Championship at whatever level that may be.

 6. What is the story behind your hockey number #32?

When I was called up by Chicago years ago that was the number they gave me.

 7. In three words, how would your teammates describe you?

“Full of Life” or “Full of Shit”

 versteeg 58. Do you get nervous before games and what is your pre-game ritual?

I do get nervous in some way before every game I play and I put on my right piece of equipment first.

 9.  If you were stranded on a deserted island who would you want to be there with? 

Any character from the TV series LOST.

 10. What advice would you give to any new hockey player wanting to play the sport professionally?

Make sure you enjoy the Journey along the way.

11. Tell us about your favorite cereal, and what cereal box would you most like to be on?

Lucky Charms and the Lucky Charms box of course.

12. What has been your most memorable moment playing in the NHL?

Stanley Cup hands down.

versteeg 413. We know you love to sing, what would be the name of your first album if you ever put one out? 

81′ Mustang, because it’s the first car I ever drove and I don’t know where she is today. So hopefully a great love song will bring her back to me someday and her name is Taz (
don’t ask).

14. What player would you go with Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr and why?

Gretzky, cause he is the Greatest to ever play. Mr. Orr is a close second tho.

15. We know you have been one to show of your rap skills, but do you have any other special talents we should know about?

I’m very talented at annoying people.

16. How do you stay in shape and what is your favorite workout? 

I have my personal trainer who keeps me in shape. And a good gun run and/or beach workout has to be my favorite

17. What is your life motto on and off the ice?

Have Fun.55

18. If you had the first pick in an NHL fantasy draft (and it cannot be you) who would it be and why? 

Crosby.  Cause He’s the greatest player in the world today.

19. Here we always like to ask for our readers, are you single, dating, or locked down?

I am dating and we got a 120 pound 2-year-old named Beauty.

 20. What is your idea of a perfect date? 

Something simple,  good dinner and movie. I’m old fashioned though.

21. Who would YOU feature as the next Sports Babe Of The Day?

Rob Klinkhammer because he’s one of my best friends since we were kids and he could use some exposure after the great season he had.


 Kris Versteeg selling season tickets:

Thanks so much to Kris Versteeg for doing this interview with me! This beauty doesn’t have a twitter but be sure to let me know what you think of it!

Interview By: @TiaPreece


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