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SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY PRESENTS: Colton Sceviour, Forward, Texas Stars

Dallas Stars Victory Green vs. White Intrasquad Game at Cedar Park Center

SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY PRESENTS: Colton Sceviour, Forward, Texas Stars, @Sceviour7

In his fifth season with the Texas Stars, Colton Sceviour is having a career year. In 52 games played so far this season, he has 31 goals and 31 assists. With his 62 points, the 24 year old sits atop the leading scorers in the AHL along with fellow Texas teammate, Travis Morin. Drafted in the fourth round of the 2007 draft, Sceviour spent two seasons in the WHL before entering the AHL in 2009. Sceviour, a native of Red Deer, Alberta, has played in 10 career NHL games with the Dallas Stars, eight of which have been during this current season. He has three career NHL goal, his first, the game winning goal against Vancouver on December 19th of this current season. In addition to his achievements with the Stars, Sceviour was one of 22 players selected for the 2014 AHL All-Star Classic in St. Johns, Newfoundland, which took place in February. As if his year couldn’t be going any better, Sceviour just signed a contract extension with the Stars organization inking him two more years in the green, gold and white.


1. How old were you when you first started playing hockey?
I started playing hockey at age 6, but got an early start skating at around 2 or 3.

2. What NHL team did you favor growing up and what players did you look up to?
I was a Red Wings fan growing up because my favorite player was Steve Yzerman.

3. When did you realize playing hockey professionally was possible?
It was obviously a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t consider it a true possibility until I was drafted at 18.

4. Texas is a bit different from Alberta. How have you liked playing there?
I’ve loved my experience in Texas. The weather has been great. Spending most of my time in Austin, I’ve come to love the city. It has so much going on and there’s always different things to do in my off time.

5. Hockey isn’t the first thing people think of when they think of Texas. What do you hope to see for the sport in the state, in the years to come?
I think Texas has shown that it can support the sport. There are great fans in all the cities I’ve played in and I think it’s just a matter of time before Houston has a professional team again.

6. You’ve been able to dip your feet in the NHL a little in your career. What’s the biggest difference from the NHL compared to the AHL?
Playing in the NHL you learn quickly just how good the players are at everything. The game is quicker, guys are stronger and those little mistakes you can get away with in the AHL end up in the back of your net more often. But the one thing I noticed right from my very first practice against NHL players is just how good the goaltenders are and have to be at that level.

7. How did it feel to play in your first NHL game?
It was a dream come true feeling, but I also was the most nervous I’ve ever been in that moment right before my first shift.

8. How did it feel to get your first NHL goal?
It was a feeling I can’t compare to anything I’ve ever experienced before. A combination of shock, excitement, accomplishment and a little relief believe it or not. It’s something you always dream of growing up so to actually accomplish it was a childhood dream coming to fruition.

9. Every hockey player dreams of winning the Stanley Cup. Besides that, what’s another goal you have for your hockey career?
The main goal I have in hockey right now is to become a full time NHL player.

10. A lot of athletes have some crazy pre-game rituals and superstitions, do you?
I do things the same way before games as much as possible. I wouldn’t call it a superstition but I definitely have a particular routine.

11. If you were not playing hockey, do you have an idea of what you would be doing instead?
I’ve been asked this question a lot growing up and even when I played juniors and I have never had an answer. I’m still not sure what I would be doing. I have a few passions that I could maybe turn into a career, but not sure what I’d like to do exactly.

12. What are three things we would always be able to find in your refrigerator? Frank’s hot sauce, eggs and coconut water.

13. You posted a photo awhile back via Twitter showing off a pretty cool tattoo. What is the meaning behind that?
That one is of four Maple Leaves, being from Canada, and having one for each member of my family, myself included.

14. Where and how do you spend your off season?
I spend my off seasons in Red Deer. Most of my time is spent at the lake or golfing whenever the weather permits.

15. How does it feel to have your very own bobble head? Did your teammates have fun with it?
I was pretty honored when I found out they were going to do a bobble head of me, that’s something I’ve never had before. There wasn’t too much fun being had with it but the fact that it doesn’t look too much like me has definitely brought on some jokes.

16. What is one thing that can instantly put you in a good mood?
The right kind of music can always change my mood.

17. What advice would you give young kids trying to go pro in hockey?
Make sure you’re playing because you love it. The seasons can be long and grueling at times and if you don’t love what you’re doing it will make for a long year.

18. I know it may be awkward but we ask all our interviewees, are you single, dating or locked down?
I’m in a relationship.

19. What do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered as somebody who was fun to be around, and as a person who was always willing to help if it was needed.

20. Who would YOU feature as the next Sports Babe of the Day?
I’m sure my old roommate, Luke Gazdic (@lukegazdic) would be a good guy to do an interview with.