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SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY Presents: Tony DeHart, St. Charles Chill Defenseman


Saint Louis native, Tony DeHart spent the last two season in the coast with the Stockton Thunder putting up 108 total points in the combined two seasons. Tony began his career during his junior years in the OHL with the London Knights and the Oshawa Generals and  recently signed to a hometown team, the St. Charles Chill. The Chill is new to the CHL (Central Hockey League) this season and recently announced the signing of three hometown boys (Tony included, obviously), including previous SBOTD Kyle Kraemer(@cosmokraemer) along with Jordan Fox (@Foxjordy). The General Manager and head coach of the Chill, Jamie Rivers (@JamieRivers08) is stacking his roster with only the best, and we cannot wait to see who else will be joining the team. The team will be playing at the Family Arena in St. Charles, Missouri and will give the rising “hot bed hockey area” of St. Louis another team to root for.

More about our Sports Babe of the Day, standing at 6’2″ with blue eyes as clear as the ice he skates on, Tony is a picture perfect Sports Babe. From skills on the ice to his personality off the ice, anyone can tell that Tony is a hard working player who lives and breaths the wonderful game of hockey. Tony was drafted to the New York Islanders in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, a huge accomplishment for our featured babe. Using his size, Tony’s play is one of a physical player who does not lack stick handling skills. He is a sweetheart who loves spending time with his friends and family, and he is even a huge dog lover!

Thats about all I can write without giving away his interview. To find out more about today’s Sports Babe of the Day check out his 21 questions below:


1. Of course we have to ask the most important questions, because all the ladies are dying to know, are you single, dating, or locked down?

I am single!

2. At what age did you start playing hockey? When did you realize you wanted to pursue it professionally? Did anyone have some influence on your decision to go pro?

I started playing hockey when I was five years old and I realized I wanted to pursue it and play pro around the time of junior hockey in the OHL, after seeing so many teammates move up onto the next level.

3. Up until this point, what is your proudest achievement in both your career and life?

Getting drafter into the NHL is my proudest achievement in both my hockey career and life.

4. When you were playing youth hockey what coach reinforced your love of the game and how did they do that?

Growing up every coach I had reinforced my love of the game, but the coach who sticks out most is Basil McRae. His experience and stories he shared from his time in the NHL were always entertaining. He constantly reminded me that at the end of the day hockey is all about having fun.

5. Each athlete has some way to mentally prepare for a game…what is your method before the game and how do you stay mentally focused during a game?

My pregame isn’t too crazy; I am not that superstitious. I start by getting stretched out by the trainer and get ready around the same time.

6. What obstacles (if any) have you overcome during your career?

I have not had too many, I have been very lucky with only a few minor injuries here and there.

7. Do you have a crazy pre-game ritual or meal?

My pregame meal consists of fish or steak with some pasta.

8. Who was your role model growing up?

Growing up I was a huge St. Louis Blues fan and I looked up to Al MacInnis.

9. Where is your favorite place to play on the road? Why?

I have to go with Las Vegas, obviously. It is a crazy city and I think it gives everyone more incentive to win so they can go out and have some fun after the game.

10. If we were to look at your top 3 songs played on your iPod, what would they be?

  • Ride With Me – Nelly
  • Way Too Far – Korn
  • Thrift Shop – Macklemore

11. Lululemon or Nike?


Tony DeHart Collage

12. Name your top 3 pet peeves…

  • People who never think they are wrong when they are
  • People who are extremely cocky
  • People who ride their bikes on the streets instead of the sidewalks

13. How would best you describe yourself in three words?

  • Friendly
  • Patient
  • Hardworking

14. What are you looking forward to the most about playing in your home town?

Probably being able to stay close to my family and friends and having them come to watch me play.

15. If you were not a hockey player what would you be doing?

I’m not too sure. My family is in the printing business so I would most likely get involved with that.

16. Many girls are just dying to know where they would get taken on a first date…what is your idea of an impressionable first date?

It all depends on the type of girl and what things she is into. Since it is the first date I am just looking to have a good time and learn more about the girl, finding out her interests and hobbies. I would probably take her to dinner for a first date.

17. What is one thing that can turn your mood around instantly?

Music, I love listening to a lot of different music. Some songs can just put me in the best mood when I hear them.

18. Do you have any pets? If not do you want any pets in the future?

I have a dog at home, I am a huge dog lover so I am sure I will get another in the future.

19. Most athletes love their cars…what kind of car do you drive now and what is your dream car?

I drive a Nissan 350z and my dream car is a Ferrari 360 Stradale.

20. Do you have a favorite quote/motto that you take to heart?

“The greatest barrier to success is the dear of failure.”

21. Who would you feature as our next SBOTD?

Andy Andreoff (@andyandreoff) on the Manchester Monarchs.