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SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY: Team Edition: SPHL’s The Mississippi Surge


This SBOTD Team Edition features, two of the Mississippi Surge players, Justin MacDonald & Reid Edmondson.

Justin, 23, an Ontario native is playing center in his first season for the Mississippi Surge. He returns to the SPHL after being part of the winning Presidents Cup team, The Pensacola Ice Flyers. Reid, 25, a native of British Columbia is returning for his second season as a center for the Surge.

1. What has been your best hockey related memory, to date?
Reid — My best memory to date would be when I was invited to attend the Washington Capitals training camp in 2011.  Definitely a dream come true, and something I will never forget.

Jmac–My best hockey memory would have been the 2012/13 season when I won the Presidents Cup with the Pensacola Ice Flyers of the SPHL.

2. If you could create the perfect line, who would choose to be on it? You have to be included on this line as well.
Reid–My perfect line would consist of my childhood favourites, Mike Modano and of course Wayne Gretzky.  You can’t make a “perfect” line without the great one, its impossible.

Jmac–The perfect line would be Wendel Clarke, Maxim Afinogenov, and me of course. Got skill and toughness all on 1 line.

3. If your life was turned into a movie, who would play you on screen & who would play your leading lady?
Reid–My girlfriend tells me I look like Ryan Reynolds, which I’m happy to agree with.  As for my leading lady, I think I would have to choose Rachel Bilson, great style, good attitude, good on screen chemistry with reynolds perfect match for a blockbuster.

Jmac–If my life was a movie, I would have Bradley Cooper play me (good looking and funny) and as for the lady, Rachel McAdams (good ol’ Canadian).

4. Some athletes are superstitious, what is something that you do/have always done before each of your games?
Reid– I don’t get into anything too extreme, I usually just run through the same warmup routine, play a little soccer with the boys and I’m good to go.  I like to keep it simple, it works well for me.

Jmac–Before every game, I always play Need For Speed on my tablet. I also always tie up my right skate first. Just a habit and will never change.

5. What’s the number one thing you look forward to in the off season?
Reid–In the off season i really look forward to just having some down time.  I love being on the golf course with friends, spending time with my family and having the ability to take weekend trips.  During the season life is always so routine so its nice to throw some spontaneity into the mix during the off season to keep things interesting.

Jmac–Every summer I go on a tropical vacation. I’m still waiting to go to Fiji, which is my ideal vacation spot.

6. When/why did you start playing hockey?
Reid– I first played hockey when I was six years old because my older brother played.  From a young kid I always looked up to my older brother and wanted to be involved in everything that he did, so when he started playing it wasn’t long before I followed suit.

Jmac–I started playing hockey when I was 3 in Toronto, Canada. My dad played and got me into it and I never looked back.

Jmac 1

7. Who is the player you admire most?
Reid–I dont necessarily admire any one player, I admire the type of player that not only has the skill and talent, but who also has incredible work ethic.  I’m a firm believer that hard work creates success and the more you put into something the more in turn, you will receive.

Jmac– There is not 1 player I admire the most, but any player that had to grind it out to make it to the NHL. For example Dan Bylsma (Penguins coach).

8. Of all your years playing, where has been your favorite place to play?
Reid–My favourite place to play was in Burnaby, British Columbia for the Burnaby Express of the BCHL.  I actually live only 20 minutes from Burnaby in Vancouver so it was a huge thrill to be able to play in from of all my family and friends on a regular basis.

Jmac– I loved playing in Pensacola. Great city and great turn out to the games. I also loved playing Jr A for the Stouffville Spirit since it was close to home and had lots of support from family and friends.

9. What has been one of the best pranks that you have pulled on a teammate?
Reid– Ive never really been a prankster so I don’t have a lot of material.  Ive seen some funny pranks, bubble gum in the gloves, water under the helmet,  cutting skate laces, but I’ve never been one to pull them off.

Jmac–The best prank I ever pulled was taping a players equipment to the walls and ceiling of our room. He was late for practice and all haha.

10. Who is someone that you would consider as a mentor on the ice?
Reid– My teammates.  Ive been fortunate to play with a lot of amazing players and I’ve always tried to just be a sponge and absorb as much knowledge as I can.  I feel the team itself is a very valuable asset, so for me its a 20 player mentorship.

Jmac–Each and every player on our team works hard but I would have to say Kukali. He is always positive and demands perfection.

Reid 2

11. If you weren’t playing hockey, what would you be doing?
Reid–I have always been fascinated with business and entrepreneurship, so if I wasn’t playing hockey I would probably be out in the business world hopefully finding success in several different fields.  I think the combination of structured business coupled with the freedom of being an entrepreneur gives me the ability to still be creative which I find really appealing.

Jmac–If I was not playing hockey I would have my own gym. I love training people, from athletes to the ordinary Joe.

12. Who do you think is going to be your teams biggest competition this season?
Reid–The Pensacola Ice Flyers.  Being so close to each other along with the number of times we play them its sure to be a huge rivalry.

Jmac–Our biggest competitor will be the Pensacola Ice Flyers as they won it last year, and we always have great battles against one another.


Reid’s Hot Seat Questions

Reid 1

1. In doing my background research, I noticed that you and Jeff Bes played together for the Laredo Bucks. What’s it like having a former teammate as your coach this season?
Having played with Jeff I find it much easier to relate to what he’s teaching.  He was a great leader for us in Laredo as a player, so to know he’s been through similar experiences is very motivational for me.  I respected Jeff so much as a teammate because of the longevity of his career and the highlights that he had, and that respect has continued into his career as a coach.

Reid 3

2. Describe an embarrassing athletic moment
Thankfully,  nothing too embarrassing has plagued my career (knock on wood).  As a kid there were a few times I forgot to take my skate guards off and as soon as I stepped on the ice id face plant but thats pretty much it, I’ve been lucky.

reid 4

3. If you were to let me look at the music on your iPod, what would I be the most surprised to find?
Katy Perry- Roar…


J-Mac’s Hot Seat Questions!

Jmac 5

1. Since you were part of the SPHL championship last season, have you set another goal that you would like to accomplish with your hockey career?
It felt great winning the SPHL championship last year and I would like to win a championship at a higher level if I get the chance.

Jmac 4

2. When you first started playing hockey, what is a skill that was difficult for you to learn?
The skill that was hardest for me (and still is), is skating. Definitely not the quickest player out there.

Mississippi Surge

3. What’s one piece of advice to give younger players that are wanting to make it to a higher league?
It doesn’t matter where you play, just keeping working hard and believe in yourself.

Thank you both for the interview!