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SPORTS101: Know Your Role

Posted February 25, 2013 by Ashley in Articles
In light of the NBA Trade Deadline passing I figured it would be a good time to take the opportunity to discuss a major reason why teams make the moves that they do 2/3 of the way through a season.

In the way that every “clique” is made up of various components, it’s the same for professional sports teams, or any teams for that matter.

You may think that it’s best to have as many superstars as possible in the same color jersey but, would you want to be wearing the same ensemble as another woman? No, that is literally a nightmare. Everyone compares the styling, your assets and it becomes internal competition.

The same can be said for sports franchises. You don’t want the same player, you want a variety. Those who posses different strengths than the other to complete the perfect package.  Not everyone needs to be scoring double digits each game or notching ‘x’ amount of goals every night. There are other stat lines to fill.

Which is why, in this installment of Sports 101, we are going over role players. It’s a phrase commonly thrown around in sports so let’s dissect it. It means an athlete who plays chip in, in specific scenarios.

Role players refer to those who have one or two specialties that contribute to the success of a team, the building blocks if you will. Similar to your social circle, if you had a group of friends and each one was like the other it wouldn’t be very diverse and would be one dimensional.

Below are examples of potential roles an athlete could play and to relate easily, which of your home girls you may associate them with.

  • Veteran – mature, confident individual that clarifies goals. This is likely the nucleus of your group, the person who introduced you to each other, constructed the group and has the deepest history with everyone. Someone you can build around, that has a lot of experience and can teach you lessons.
  • Face of the Franchise – this particular athlete is special but can be challenging to work with. They are cool under pressure and have all the tools and skills it takes to make opportunities for them. As well as draw attention of the opponent which leaves other teammates open. Similar to the outgoing party girl of your circle, someone who commands attention that you can’t miss. Popular, outgoing and a little bit cocky, this player knows what they possess and what to do with it.
  •  UntitledEnergetic Rookie – an injection of fun and free will. Perhaps a friend who is a little naive, absent minded and doesn’t have a conniving bone in their body. Rookies are an integral part to a team. They have drive, determination and only want to leave a good impression.
  • Defensive Specialist – these athletes are grinding, throwing punches not afraid of some contact. They are vocal and protect what’s theirs. You can see these traits in your girl that is a career minded individual. They have a goal. A plan and do what it takes to accomplish it not letting anyone stand in their way.
  • The Bench – The unsung hero. The 6th/12th man (depending on the sport). The enthusiasm and support in unwavering. This is the person in your life that is has a maternal presence. They always want to see you succeed and once you do not an ounce of jealousy is reviled. They help when something isn’t going right and are right there beside you celebrating when you get a good bounce.
  • Play Makers – usually setting someone else up to get the glory. If you’re not familiar with sports, it’s hard to identify a true play maker. They are creative and imaginative. In your life it’s someone that gives you advice to solve your problems. Easier said than done isn’t something in their vocabulary because the recommendations they lay down they have a plan on how you accomplish it. Because they have a plan on how to accomplish the recommendations they lay down for you. This friend listens and reacts without judgement and has your best interests at heart – helping behind the scenes to make you look good in your actions.

When you can depend on someone 100% for something and you know no matter what they will come through it allows you to worry about you and what you need to do. That’s the recipe for a successful team.

It’s one thing that GM/Owners and Managers have issue with trying to construct a team that can make a playoff push/win a championship with the pieces they already have. You can’t force something that doesn’t work. Just like your awkward cousin from Nunavut who asks for a Max Ice beer at a martini bar.

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