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Top 10 Baseball Bloopers of 2013, Thus Far

Posted May 29, 2013 by Desiree Christine in Articles
Catchers Mitt

Top 10 Baseball Bloopers of 2013, Thus far

It’s only May, yet there have already been plenty of mishaps, oddities, and downright ridiculous things happening at a field near you.


Splash Zone Close Call – If you’ve ever visited AT&T Park you know that the Splash Zone is probably the most exciting area of the ballpark. What happens if the splash zone becomes the dunk zone? Well almost…


Manny Being Manny – While Manny Ramirez decides to continue his baseball career in Taiwan, he forgot the distance between first and second base.


It Didn’t Bounce! – Throwing a first pitch is a big deal. Bouncing the first pitch is a real-life greatest fear, but what if it goes a little too far?


Seattle Beer Chug – Catching a foul ball in your beer is probably the coolest thing you can ever do. Until you chug it and make it that much better.


Lincecum Salsa Slip – Someone’s been taking dancing lessons a little too seriously as he messes up his footwork multiple times during a game. Not awesome for SF fans.


College Baseball Animal Rights – During the Wichita State game a little critter decided he should be able to run the bases too.


Don’t Worry Guys I Made It – Ian Kinsler makes sure to slide into third base the worst way possible, while there wasn’t even a throw on the way.


April Fool’s A.J. – On Opening Day, A.J. Burnett takes the mound to realize his rosin bag had a lot more kick than he expected.


Bunt Hank Bunt – Hank Conger makes it to first on a bunt, even after taking a little break.


Beer Me – This fan decided to take the home run to her advantage by “accidentally” spilling her beer….on this man, after the fact. Trouble in paradise?


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