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The Top 10 Best Sports Beards — EVER!


It’s getting crazy cold out and I know I’m bundling up as much as I possibly can. Am I the only person who is a little jealous of men and their bushy beards that are keeping their faces warm?

But let’s be honest, not every man can grow a legitimate beard. We all get a little peek into facial hair strength during Movember and it’s not hard to pick out the guys who would grow a beard that a lumberjack would be envious of. And those sad little ‘staches should stay away from this list because it’s the best beards faces can grow!

10. Braylon Edwards


There’s a gorgeous face hiding under all that facial hair when this current free agent wide receiver gets it growing. With a full beard and close cropped hair, Edwards can be near unrecognizable when wearing shades.

9. Johnny Damon


The second free agent on this list (although this one is an outfielder). Damon has the kind of lucious beards you just know mean lusted after in the 80s. When his hair is equally as long, he might be mistaken for Billy Ray Cyrus. Don’t shoot the messanger.

8. James Harden


Houston Rockets‘ harden probably has a smaller face then the rest of us think but who would know with that huge tuft of hair on his face? His epic beard adds almost an entirely extra face to his head.

7. Mike Commodore


Commodore has a beard seen ’round the world. Mainly because it’s bright red. And damn unruly. It can be a bit overwhelming when he grows out his equally red and unruly hair. Seems as if that helmet is sitting a half a foot higher than everyone else’s doesn’t it?

6. Dirk Nowitzki


Everything about this power forward for the Dallas Mavericks is big and overbearing so naturally his facial hair would be too. I bet if he didn’t have that spiffy uniform to go with it, people might think he was a trouble making street urchin.

5. Josh Reddick


Long blond hair (that probably looks glorious in a gust of wind) with a beard that matches? Can you say dreamboat? I mean, I’d be a little grossed out with a beard that looks like it has last week’s dinner still in it, but some girls like that.

4. Kimbo Slice


Obviously, Kimbo doesn’t do anything is small size. I once watched him give a regular Joe a charlie-horse and it was terrifying. Kind of like his beard. The boxer and mixed martial artist is almost as recognizable for his wild beard as he is for his muscles.

3. Matt Light


Okay, so technically Light is a FORMER offensive tackle but Jesus that beard is phenomenal. Doesn’t it almost have the same wave that his honey shaded hair has? A wave I’d kill for.

2. Brett Keisel


Those lumberjacks I mentioned at the top? They’re actually weeping at the thought of not coming close to Keisel’s beard. I’m pretty sure the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ defensive end has Cousin It’s costume glued onto his chin.

1. Brian Wilson


The first time I saw LA’s pitcher Wilson’s beard, I was sure it was the kind that hooked onto the back of his ears. No way something that big and bushy could be real, could it? It is! But beware: if you run your hand along his jawline, you might lose any jewellery you’re wearing.



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