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The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About the NFL Conference Championship Games


The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About the NFL Conference Championship Games

Well it happened. Sunday was a glorious day of four great teams competing for a spot in the Super Bowl. Both games were fantastic and the stage has now been set for Feburary 2nd. Just in case you live under a rock; or you generally don’t watch football, here is what you need to know about the conference championship games in the NFL yesterday.

5. Sherman Has Beef with Crabtree

The 49ers were trying to orchestrate some sort of crazy comeback. Kaepernick had just launched the ball into the endzone towards Crabtree. Unfortunately for the 49ers Richard Sherman snagged that ball and sealed the success of the Seahawks. As he celebrated ( and taunted) his interception Crabtree gave the cornerback a shove. As the game wrapped Erin Andrews from Fox Sports got her mic in front of Sherman. Sherman then explained that he was the BEST CORNER IN DA GAME and that Crabtree should shut his mouth about him. The best part wasn’t Sherman going all WWE; it was Erin Andrews face. Look at that face.

4. A Recovered Fumble Meant Nothing and Bowman’s Knee Bent in Ungodly Ways

Bowman stripped Seattle receiver Kearse. As he rolled away with the ball his knee  was clearly messed up. The refs however ruled that the ball was recovered by the Seahawks. Fox played back the fumble and it’s clear 49ers recovery a total of 6 times but that was that. Once the refs rule a fumble, and it’s in the field of play, and the ball is ruled recovered then it cannot be reviewed. The NFL says they will look into changing that rule. Hats off to Bowman for being a tough mudder.

3. Bill Belichick Had a Strong Opinion about Wes Welker

The Broncos receiver Wes Welker used to be a Patriot. There’s been talk about how this would be played out on Sundays game. It turns out that it was played out with a hit that knocked the Patriots Talib out of the game. Belichick opened his presser by saying that “a receiver” made an attempt to take out Talib and it was “one of the worst plays” he had ever seen. There’s been back and forth from NFL analysts on whether the hit was illegal. The block did appear to be after the ball was released and with an extra squirt of mustard. The league will evaluate.

2. The Bronco’s D Impressed

The Bronco’s defensive had a lot of injuries this season. There was some skepticism that they could be as strong as they were this past Sunday. However, the D held Brady and took away his best weapons. Amendola didn’t make a single catch. Only Julian Edelman remained productive. Brady’s next best target was their running back Vereen. Austin Collie caught some balls but he lacks the explosiveness that Amendola gives the Pat’s O. Terrence Pot Roast Knighton also made a huge play when the Pats went for it on a 4th down. The big man sneaked right up to Brady and sacked him.


1. Peyton Manning and his factory of Touchdowns are a factory of touchdowns

Peyton manning put away the “choker” label. At least for awhile. After a week of people saying that he lacks the ability to “close” he came up with big numbers. If the Broncos can win the Super Bowl against the best defense and the “best corner” he will have proven all the haters wrong.