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Top 10 Athlete Instagram Photos of the week!

Posted January 31, 2013 by BrittanyPfeiffer in BDB

Welcome to the BDB Top Ten Athlete Instagram Photos of the week! We will be delivering you the best of

the best Instagram photos of all your favorite athletes. Check out our top 10 choice for photos this week!

And don’t forget to keep scrolling, because you do not want to miss the number 1 photo!


10) Dwyane Wade (@dwaynewade)

“ My president is black in fact hes half wihte, so even in a racist mind hes half right….My president is black but his house is all white!”

Dwyane I thought the song lyric was my president is black my lambo is blue?


9) Paul Bissonnette (@biznasty)

“This isn’t what it looks like. #Fight”

…Soo raise your hand if you wouldn’t mind being in that guys shoes!


8) Mike Tyson (@miketyson)

“ I was on #TheCouch earlier this morning, try to catch it when you can.”

I would make a comment about the turtle neck but you would probably bite my ear off.


7) Vernon Davis (@vernondavis85)

“LOL. @amazing_grace_is_enough that is hilarious.”

I think B2K said it best with, “Baby turn around/And let me see that sexy body go/Bump bump bump”


6) Kenny Britt (kennybritt18)

“My baby girl #glowing out here while every one else looking grey.”

Did the lyric “Shine bright like a diamond” pop into anyone else’s head?!


5) LeBron James (kingjames)

“No caption needed!”

“….I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”-Bill Clinton


4) Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano)

“What a game yesterday. Thanks again for all your support. Let’s work hard for the next game.”

Whoa who knew there where that many soccer fans?!


3) Jordin Tootoo (@kudluk22)

“Another night in the office…”

Someone is wearing the new red sweater pretty well!


2) Nick Barnett (@nickbarnett50)

“Turn up time @marycherry_Iv brought the contraband!! Doritos!”

I bet you had fantastic smelling breath for the ladies that night!


1) Josh Godfrey (@jwrgodfrey)

Ok did anyone else have to re-read that 3 times and then LOL?!


(Photo Credit: Instagram)



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