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Top 10 “C’MON MAN!” Moments of 2013 in Football


I dare you to NOT say “C’mon Man” (in your head or aloud) after reading these gems.

10: Danny Trevathan of the Denver Broncos picks off Joe Flacco & drops the ball before right before reaching the end zone.

You had one job..



9: Buffalo Bills kick the extra point for the win with 2 seconds left, and the Bills twitter account tweets this just seconds after.

Way to pay attention!


8: Geno Smith tries to pass the ball into his other hand, behind his back. That then turns into a sack and fumble.

What is it with the Jets and their “butt” related fumbling situations?!


7: High-five rejection for poor ol’ Tom Brady.

You almost feel bad for him, ALMOST.


6: Florida Gators block each other.

Well, that’s embarrassing.




5: Cam Newton runs into a reporter but manages to keep her standing.

Oh Cam, you’re so dreamy.




4: San Diego Chargers Coach Mike McCoy, throws a challenge flag on a play that’s automatically reviewed. Phillip Rivers tries to stop him & kicks the flag away like it never happened.

Nice try, Phillip. Nice try.


3: The infamous Rob Ryan face after Tom Brady and the Patriots come back in the game and break his heart.

I mean seriously, that face basically says it all.


2: Tony Romo casually taps the ball with his foot to try and get the first down, but failed.

Sneaky sneaky.



1: Popcorn man eating, well, lots and lots of popcorn.

I completely understand this has nothing to do with a football play/player and I apologize if you were expecting a different #1 pick. But, I just couldn’t help myself.