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Top 10 Funny Harlem Shake Videos

Posted February 18, 2013 by ValerieBevilacqua in Articles
1. “The Harlem Shake (Funniest Ones) Part 1″ by talkSPORT Magazine

This is actually more like a compilation of the best Harlem Shake videos, but as a video on its own, it still renders as pretty sufficient. In a matter of five minutes and 30 seconds, this video features multiple Harlem Shake covers. In one part, a guy’s dancing holding a pink muscular mannequin poster with his friend who’s wearing a pink suit with a helmet and another who’s disguised in a skeleton mask shaking a red teapot. Other versions include men dressed in chicken and superman suits, one grooving with a cardboard box on his head, and some others decked out in workout gear performing exercises in a lecture room. Not to mention an apartment scene where a man dances with his baby, while a fellow one extends through the room shaking a vase of plants in the air. Check it out!

2. “Harlem Shake (Original Army Edition)”

The best from the Norwegian Army Shake! First, one army man starts dancing, while the others remain still. Then suddenly, they all appear in different outfits dancing like crazy! Two make like siamese twins intertwined together by their connecting winter hats, while another is covered from head to toe in a blue body suit.



3. “The Harlem Shake Compilation (Girls Edition)”

Here at Babes Dig Balls, we’re all about girl power – and we like shirtless men or ones in monkey suits who simulate suggestive positions. ’Nuff said.



4. University of Guelph‘s “Harlem Shake”

Showing some Canadian love for an international revolution that’s currently taking the media by storm! First, it starts off with a dude donned in green flamboyantly dancing on a table. Then, the rest of the students in lecture join in. Many share the same brain, performing counterfeit sex positions. In the lecture room, three appear to bang a green stuffed animal, while another proudly struts in drag with a blonde wig and purple dress. Then another in a Santa hat humps a sign that says “Happy Birthday Shannon” in the snow (not sure if I want to be Shannon at this point), until a crowd of university students – girls in their bras included – start wiggling. In the snow – they must be cray…



5. “Harlem Shake”

This video starts off with a well-behaved family sitting down; the mother’s knitting, and the father’s reading a newspaper. Then their rebellious son? comes out of the blue, wanking off in one hand and eyeing his phone in the other. Then the scene (like in any Harlem Shake video) snaps to them all dressed up dancing. The “son” is now dressed in a black “tiger” costume pouring milk on himself, while his dad seems to be enjoying a stuffed animal – and a random white dude makes a cameo appearance for all of two seconds. Way too much going on here to understand, but somehow it all makes sense…



6. “Harlem Shake Tennessee Swimming”

If you’re craving sexier men and are searching for a Chippendales/Magic Mike Harlem Shake experience, then you’ve come to the right place… Briefs included.



7. “Harlem Shake (KSLA News Edition)

Wanna see professionals or professional journalists acting less than professional? Then transfer back to the weather like nothing happened? Catch ‘em in the act here!



8. “UGA Men’s Swim & Dive Harlem Shake”

If you’re impressed by underwater antics, then perhaps you should gulp into this little number.



9. “Harlem Shake v33 (Portland Edition)”

Our favourites are the two grown women playing “See See My Playmate” (remember third grade recess, girls?) and the man bouncing on a exercise ball. View the rest of it below.



10. “Harlem Shake (Grandma Edition)”

And finally, here’s to all the peeps who like ‘em a bit older…


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