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Will Tebow Make the Cut?


First off, I’m sorry for talking about Tebow. However, it’s preseason and who’s making the team is big news right now. Tebow is probably the most famous figure who is on the cusp of either making the team or being rejected by the Patriots. At first I thought there was no question and he would make the team-after this weekend I am not so sure.

Let’s take a look at his statistics so far with the Patriots. On the weekend the Pats played the Bucs. Tebow Tebow was 1-of-7 for negative-one yard and an interception, achieving a quarterback rating of 0.0-but he rushed for 30 yards. The stats don’t say how wide and low his throws were; they were not near misses.

If the Pats keep him how will he be utilized?

Well, at first it was rumoured he would be a QB. He could be used to run plays that weren’t Tom Brady material. He may have been put in as a Woodhead like player. It was clear before the -1 yard stat that Tebow does not have the mechanics to be a pocket passer-which, is what the Patriot offensive system is built on. Besides Mallet, the other backup QB, is a perfect Brady clone who played well on the weekend. Well, until he hurt his head, and what with Brady’s knee being tweaked.. suddenly that third stringer made sense..So:

If Tebow is to be kept he would have to be used in a read option offense. He could be effective in short yardage and goal line situations. And I’m sorry to say it but: intangibles. There. I said it. Don’t judge me but Jesus is clearly on his side (see Brady’s knee on Tebow’s birthday). Tebow does bring that to a team whether he’s quarterback material or not.

So what will happen.
After Tebow’s disastrous performance against the Bucs Belichick did not throw him under the bus. In fact, he said he thought Tebow was improving. The Pats also seem to be focused on finding a way to fit Tebow into their schema. It feels like Tebow is making the team; whether he will be successful or not is a whole other question.